Artist Statement

It is my nature to create through touch: clay is the material that I have chosen for my art. I attempt to re-create vital forms that come from within my subconscious that are induced by tactile stimulation.

I chose ceramic as my medium. I am intrigued by a certain degree of unpredictability in the ceramic arts. The effect of the glaze firing often surpasses my calculation and results in the discovery of new ideas for future work. Furthermore, the vast possibilities in the process keeps my imagination high for achieving surfaces that resonate with my concepts.

The world’s sacred arts, especially the old Japanese Buddhist art, has influenced my work. The aspects of the Buddhist statuary fascinate me: the stylized facial and bodily expressions, the faded colors of the original paint, and the natural sheen that resulted from touching over the past many centuries. These attributes of the statuary appear refined and seem modern to my eyes.


My work portrays various spiritual and psychological states. I observe and examine my emotions, moods, feelings, and epiphanies; then I await the one which comes forth—an impression that resonates with me on a deeper level. I use the female figure as my primary subject. It is my intention to emphasize the feminine consciousness, which seems undervalued inthe modern society. My figures are nude, bald, ageless, and not spotlighting any particular race. I aim to convey my message universally by using the language of sculpture.