Artist Statement

My work portrays various spiritual and psychological states. I observe my feelings; then I await the one that comes forth. I catch the impression that resonates with me on a deeper level.

I often draw inspiration from the ancient sacred arts. Especially I am fascinated by the look and feel of the aged surfaces of old sculptures. My attempt is to create interesting surfaces that have those similar qualities to them.

The ceramic arts drive me to be spontaneous and imaginative. I enjoy the tactile sensation of the clay when my subconscious comes through. The glaze firing excites me every time I take out my work from the kiln. It keeps my interest in achieving surfaces that resonate with my concepts.

I use both earthenware and stoneware clay that I fire with glazes and underglazes in my electrical kiln. Sometimes I apply paint or color wax over the glazed piece to add color depth or to the sculpture.