Asian Influence Collection

Year: 2016
DIM: 8.25"h x 9.25"w x 3.25"d
Materials: Clay fired at earthenware temperatures, Glazes, Underglazes
I often create bald-headed female nude figures as a metaphor for feminine spirituality. The minimalistic body symbolizes that being pruned of the trappings of earthly existence. In this collection, I glazed my female figures with black glaze. I make use of black as the subject's invisibility in her dream, where she doesn't see herself visually but as an active participant in the events. 
Using the cloud like object that's attached on the figure is my way of paying tribute to my heritage. I was inspired by the ancient depiction of the divine beings in Japan, where they're shown on the clouds, playing flutes, beating drums, etc.. I choose brighter colors for the clouds, contrasting with the black bodies in order to exaggerate the expression of the subjects.