Protecting Sensitive Energy

Year: 2014
DIM: 12.5"h x 5"w x 8"d
Materials: Clay fired at mid-range stoneware temperatures, Glazes, Pigment
I created female creatives that possess egg-shaped objects. I was interested in using an egg-form for a metaphorical depiction as pure potential: a beginning of one's life, a newly formed idea or a fresh plan.
In this series of my work, I portrayed the female figures that have other organisms attached to their body, such as thorny backs and horned-heads. These are symbols of a defensive instinct; the creative protecting herself and her possession from the environment.
For example, "Keep it Safe" is a representation of a female creature that is guarding her possession. She is holding the egg and crunching herself very tightly around it, which makes it seem as if she might break the egg. Her head and back has thorns: she is ready to defend her possession from all enemies. In this piece, I used the egg as a metaphor for one's newly formed idea, which is still in a fragile state because it hasn't yet been materialized in real life. My message in the piece is that we protect whatever we think is important to us, but by holding it too tight, we may end up choking the life out of it.