Japanese born, Tamae Frame has always been in creative occupations throughout her life. In 2005, she found a new way to express her creativity in clay and begun to study sculpting. She also took a liking to ceramic art for the numerous ways to achieve her end result, which intrigued her imagination.
She makes her clay sculptures with hand-building techniques, such as coil and slab building. She works intuitively, not always having concrete details of the finished piece. Then she likes to pay extra attention to sculpting faces that show her subject's character along with its mood or feelings. Her choice of clay is mostly low-fire range clay but occasionally uses medium range clay. She applies combinations of different glazes, underglazes, and sometimes pigments on the pieces and fires them multiple times in her electric kiln. 
Tamae shows her figurative works in galleries and juried exhibitions. She also manages her products in her shop on Etsy.