It is my nature to create though touch. The tactile sensations in my hands are the guide for constructing in clay; an image on my mental screen is the impetus for creating my sculpture. I induce myself into an intuitive mode when I begin pushing the clay coils together, building a form of my image. I relish seeing my fingers leave their traces on the surface, similar to brush marks left on the canvas.
I have a strong inclination to juxtapose dissimilar elements in my sculpture. The essence of my work lies in contrasts: smooth vs. rough surfaces, dark vs. bright colors, or figurative vs. abstract forms. They represent the complexity in my subject. In addition, I have extended this concept by incorporating my ceramic pieces with non-ceramic objects, such as feathers, therefore adding another characteristic into my work.
A visual image for my work manifests spontaneously in my mind from a combination of my thoughts, feelings, and imaginations. Then I pursue the process of sculpting that image in clay when I became genuinely interested in the concept. My aim is to transform my personal matters into an interpersonal theme by symbolizing the subject into a sculptural form. In this process, I fulfill my intention to seek a connection with another human being on a deeper level.